Decoration Options

We can put your logo or promotional message on apparel and gifts using a wide variety of decoration methods. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will recommend the best decoration method to meet your needs.


The logo is stitched onto the material using threads in designated embroidery friendly areas creating your design. Embroidery is an elegant and stylish way to portray a wide range of logo types. Embroidery is the perfect decorating method to add value to your purchase.


The direct screen-printing process involves placing the material under a mesh screen. By applying even pressure with a squeegee on the screen, your logo is imprinted onto the material surface. The screen-printing process ensures your imprint looks its best on a wide variety of fabrics. This is the most common method of decoration.

Transfer Print

A transfer is created in a very similar method to screen-printing, however, the ink is applied to a sheet of transfer paper instead of directly onto the material. The transfer is then pressed onto the product using a combination of heat and pressure. This method allows for unlimited colour separations that always require an underlay. Many products utilize this process as it assists in decorating products with foam insulation or hard to screen print locations.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing is extremely effective on rounded, uneven, or slanted product shapes. It is also perfect for small and intricate logos. A silicone pad is used to transfer the ink onto the product. The pad can hit various levels on a product at one time. Ink colour availability is restricted due to the limited ability to mix inks utilized in this process. Pad printing is utilized on products such as: plastics, pens, aluminum, tins, rubber, cardboard gift boxes, metal, vinyl, leather and paper pad banners.


The process of debossing is offered on most of our leather, koskin, textura, EVA, and simulated leather lines only. A die is created of your logo and then pressed into the material creating an impression of the logo. Debossing provides a subtle, yet higher perceived value on many products.

Perfect Print

Perfect Print allows a full colour computer generated logo to be printed onto heat transfer material and pressed onto a variety of fabrics. This process is produced at a lower cost than multi colour screen prints and is perfect for halftones and gradients. A full white underlay must always be present. Maximum size of 18 square inches, optional die cut available.

Laser Engraving

Your logo attains a refined and elegant look with engraving. The logo is carved directly into the surface using a laser. The even and clean lines create a novel and detailed logo. Laser Engraving is most common on wood products and metal products, such as carabiners.

Etch Engraving

This cutting edge technology is very similar to laser engraving, but instead of a laser aimed at the product, the actual item is etched with a diamond tip. This creates an extremely crisp finish. Computerized engraving is used on our pens, aluminum, wine opener levers, and plates.


To add value to some selected upper end products, a logo is transferred from a sophisticated computer generated program onto a durable adhesive backed vinyl substrate. Four colour process decals look stunning and are a great alternate decorating option. Decals are limited to our BBQ sets, car wash kits, and tool kits.

Rubber Patch with Laser Engraved Plate

This unique decoration method combines a rubber patch with a laser engraved plate to provide an elegant look to many products. The aluminum plate is laser engraved and applied to a patch that is pressed onto a variety of fabrics.

Rubber Patch with Laminated Decal

This unique decoration method combines a rubber patch with a laminated full colour decal on a white background. The decal is similar to our regular decal but laminated for that rich look and applied to a patch that is pressed to a variety of fabrics.