What is the minimum order you accept?

We accept all orders of all quantities. However, smaller quantity orders will cost more. Our clothing minimum is 24 pieces.

The minimum order for "promotional products" like mugs, key chains, pens, etc can be higher. Depending on the item, minimums range from 25 units to 1000+ units. Please call us to confirm the minimum quantity on your order.

Do you have a price list?

As each customer's needs are unique (ranging from different logos and quantities), it is difficult to create a generic price list for all our products. However, we encourage you to contact us with your product and logo requests and we will confirm pricing and availability.

When you quote prices do you include all the hidden charges?

We'll never charge you more than our written confirmed quote. There are no "hidden charges". All setup charges will be included in our price quotes. Taxes and delivery charges are extra. We can provide you with an estimate of the delivery charges if required.

How long does it take to produce an order?

Orders can be produced in 6-10 business days following artwork/embroidery approval. However, rush orders can be accommodated. Times may vary depending on the product and quantity.

Excellent customer service and reliable delivery are the cornerstones of our business. As a result, we will always keep you well informed on your order's progress.

What are the Payment terms?

We accept payment by check or Visa. Normal credit terms are NET 10 days upon credit approval. First orders, custom orders, or large orders may require a deposit or prepayment.

I can't find what I am looking for. Do you carry any other products?

The Corporate Clothier carries thousands upon thousands of corporate clothing and promotional products. Please contact our office with your specific request, and we will gladly locate the product for you.

What are your hours?

We are always open. Thanks to the Internet, our website can provide you with a lot of information 7/24. However, when you need a quote or have any questions, e-mail us for the quickest response. Satisfied customers are the backbone of our business.

Can we get samples?

Yes we would be pleased to provide samples to you. We are a firm believer in the philosophy that clients like to actually see what they are purchasing. We will either come to your office to show you samples or ship them to you. There is usually no charge for samples. A Visa credit card number may be required to be retained on file in case the samples are not returned. If you want to keep them, there will be a cost. Call us to discuss your specific requirements and we will do our best to accommodate all of your needs.

How do you place an order?

All orders should be communicated to us in the form of a written Purchase Order. Purchase Orders are typically written on your organization's letterhead.

We accept written orders via:

Of course, we are always available to answer your questions via the telephone. Call our Customer Service @ 905-761-9840 or toll free outside the Toronto GTA 800-593-2193

The following items should be listed on the Purchase Order.

  • Style number and brief product description
  • Colour (where applicable)
  • Size breakdown (where applicable)
  • Total quantity

For decorated items (i.e., Silk Screening/Embroidery)

  • Logo
  • Location of logo
  • Print colour of logo (where applicable)

For example:

  • Product (Golf Shirt)
  • Colour (Light Blue)
  • Size breakdown (10 Small, 15 Medium, 40 Large, 50 XL, 10 XXL)
  • Total quantity (125 units)
  • Embroidery Details:
  • Logo (XYZ Associates Ltd.)
  • Location of logo (Left chest)
  • Print colour of logo (Navy Blue)

What are your artwork requirements?

Adobe Illustrator CS or lower (.ai or .eps) vector artwork
Please remember...
  • Older versions of Illustrator are acceptable
  • Include all of the needed FONTS or IMAGES (Illustrator)
  • Make sure your images are at least 600 dpi, size as or larger (200%)
  • Use a compression program when sending larger or multiple lines (WinZIP)
  • Convert your text to curves or outlines (Illustrator)

Examples of artwork that are NOT camera ready:

  • photographs
  • photocopies
  • faxed art
  • gifs
  • PowerPoint (.pps)
  • letterhead
  • business cards
  • jpegs
  • word documents (.doc)(.wdp)

What is vector artwork?

Vector artwork is created on the computer using software such as Adobe Illustrator, etc.
Vector artwork allows the artist to manipulate the artwork. For instance, if the logo needs to be enlarged, the artist can do so without it affecting the quality of the artwork.
Vector artwork IS NOT a jpeg or gif file imported into Illustrator and saved as an .ai or .eps file.

Why we can't work from scans:

  • Unlike Vector artwork, scans can't be manipulated because they weren't created on a computer. A scan is like a photograph - it can't be changed.
  • Where vector art is comprised of several different elements that an artist can touch, manipulate, and/or change on the screen, scanned art is one flat element that can't be changed in any way.
  • If the logo needs to be made larger, the artist can do so BUT it will affect the quality of the artwork.

*Note: Art charges will be assessed for non vector artwork @ $75/hour (CAD$)

How do we send you artwork?

You can send us your artwork files via:

*Note: Artwork charges may apply to "non-camera ready artwork" sent via email or fax.

Where is The Corporate Clothier Located?

View our contact page for directions and contact information.